Cascades EP

by August and After

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released March 21, 2016

Written by Vedantha Kumar
Produced by Jonathan Léfevre-Reich

Performed by August and After with:
Dan Day - Percussion
Bass/Trombone - Jonathan Léfevre-Reich



all rights reserved


August and After UK

Unsigned Music Award nominees, currently featured on Spotify's official "Your Coffee Break" playlist!


"Hard to resist"
- The Independent

“Flirts between mesmerizingly haunting and delicate uplifting moments”
- BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire

"Haunting, beautiful music"
- Kerrang! Radio
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Track Name: Wolves
I was happy to hear from you
You said I'm like ice, I endure the advice
Unable to open, but crying inside

But there are wolves, they won't let me fall in love, prowling my heart

You were chasing shadows
I'm hidden inside the walls of a smile
I'd like to slice the walls of a smile
Trust me I tried

But there are wolves, they won't let me fall in love, prowling my heart

Clutching at shadows
Clutching at the moon
Clutching at starlight
The distance is beautiful
Track Name: Halley
You shook my soul as Halley struck the sky,
You said it was the last time for your life
The pale little trail wouldn't know you're missing the next time it arrives

I held your hand maybe a little too tight
See I was young then and I thought a wish could rewrite
The patterns of life, set the grim parts glowing
We'll all stay frozen in time

But we'll be back one day, with you a little more grey
I'll leave one arm spare for my own 'little bear'
And we'll gaze a while until the lights leave

You said it's been there for millions of years
I was already small but I felt myself shrink
The rain chose to pour and we went in slowly
You waved goodbye
Track Name: Vancouver Waves
You are the calmest wave that I've ever known, you are the calmest wave
When you stop coming into shore, nobody knows but I'll be on way

My mood moves like the tide
A storm that builds inside of me
And if you ever vanish off the map, nobody knows but I'll be on my way

Hibernate til I'm on form again, the world can wait another year
Hibernate til I'm ok again, the tidal waves can't follow me here

So i came here to the island, I braved the stormy seas
The air is clean and it's silent, far from such tragedies
The sun sets better than a painting, it calms my eyes with ease
But it's the saddest skiy that I've ever seen
Track Name: Elegy
Take away my gun, haul it out
They can find me, I know I'm done
Take away my pride, a paper thin hide a worn disguise
When they find me, I won't run

I'll fall down on your shoulders, on your shoulders
We will crawl out, leave disaster, into darkness

Let me go, into sleep my eyelids close
The roaring and the thunder, my only living foes
I lie here still, restlessly but silently it's all sure to end
But when
Track Name: Somewhere in Florence
My heart is a fortress, a city hard to please
And she told me that paintings, they could bring me to my knees
Now she's somewhere in Florence and I'm stuck here in London Another summer

My love was a painter, an artist from within
But I was a dreamer and I wanted everything
Now she's somewhere in Florence and I'm stuck here in London Another summer

When the weight of the world falls in your lap
What can you do but run from that?
I cradled my songs, my precious time
A king from myself not a next-in-line
How could I have what I still am?
So young and so frightened, how it changes everything

You know love, it changes everything