by August and After

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released August 1, 2013

Lyrics by August and After
Arranged by August and After with creative input and advice from Ali Digby, Theo Kung, Victor Rikowski, Jack Nunn

Performed by August and After with:

Ali Digby - Cello/Backing vocals
Theo Kung - Violin
Matt Holubinka - Trumpet
Nick Wise - Trombone
Randeep Bilkhu - Cajon
Tom Fromant - Bass ('The Jailbreak Song')
Xann Schwinn - Backing vocals ('Gleam Behind the Ghosts')
Sophie Jamieson - Vocals ('Waltz for Marie')
Emily Marchant - Vocals ('The Jailbreak Song')
Oliver Staines - Flute ('Waltz for Marie')

Mixed by Vedantha Kumar with advice from Ned Mortimer, Tom Fromant, Tim Firmston-Williams and Brad Kohn

Mastered by Kevin Paul



all rights reserved


August and After UK

Unsigned Music Award nominees, currently featured on Spotify's official "Your Coffee Break" playlist!


"Hard to resist"
- The Independent

“Flirts between mesmerizingly haunting and delicate uplifting moments”
- BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire

"Haunting, beautiful music"
- Kerrang! Radio
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Track Name: Waltz for Marie
In a flash she sees the grace in her eyes
In long bold strides, she leaves to the night
A fistful of love won't suffice

Now and then steps beyond the bend hold her tight
But freedom means never to hide
And she will rise, call to the dawn from the blue

As she soars, he will fade in the air
And the doors once closed swing wider than life ever was
Track Name: The Orchard
I stood here as a child and whiled away the time
As innocent as spring isn’t, and moral as a nursery rhyme

This garden’s older now but I am older still
And I’m held hostage by the time I used to kill
The Summer’s run away, and stopped to take a chill


Oh to steal a moment
Oh to seal a sweeping glance
Oh to feel the moment

The autumn’s shortened all the walls and the frontiers,
All the leaves can fall off trees but apples cling to stratospheres
These grounds are out of bounds, to me and all my peers
Now an hour cannot last a thousand years


The long and short of it is echoed in my face
Like winter dreams of summer but they can’t embrace
I’m in the here and now but lost in time and space
It must be something about this place
Track Name: Valley de la Luna
We were floored by the scarlet-scapes
In the jaws at the top of the world
Every moment our eyes, steeped in the skies
We lay down our guard, gave into life

We were born, on that night
And all around me it's spiralling
Track Name: The Jailbreak Song
It’s freezing on the roof, ten flights of stairs and now it’s hard to move
They say that the city is beautiful, and that this car park is the concrete proof

You’re hungry for a spark, so I have brought you where it’s cold and dark
A thin blue line is all there is to see, in our romantic hitchhike fantasy


We broke out, pushed the boat out, sailed out on paper planes
We broke out, pushed the boat out, and slept on cargo trains

We’re guilty of no crime, we managed Brussels but in half the time
There’s teams in Poland and there’s teams in Spain,
While we stayed here to find our spark again


I say we sacrifice our holiday for this paradise
I say we stay and take a foray off the road
Track Name: Gleam Behind the Ghosts
It’s haunting, but I’m bold
Spin round, I let go
Leave the binds that tied me to the floor
Freed I must proceed, I must endure

I’ll find you in a short while
Through your eyes I’ll fly beyond the moon
The hearts that live and love can’t die alone
But here amidst this silence I don’t know

Life erodes the walls we seek to keep our dreams afloat
Calling me to breathe where I once choked
Sure to see the gleam behind the ghosts
Track Name: Getaway
Let's sit on the pebbles and freeze for a while
With a rapturous sunset and mischievous smile
I'll hide my impatience behind constellations
And complex equations, fit for a child
The tide's coming in as our time's running out
My tentative kiss beats your sensitive doubt
I'm crazy and blind so I'll try read your mind
You're sweet, you're divine and you're wild


The tide will wash our trail away
Catch the breeze and sail away
It's time to make our getaway

This time it's day and there's people around
You gasp and you whisper in ultrasound
You wink and remark that you wish it was dark
So that we could embark on a heavenly ride
I'll keep my silence believe me please
Drawn in by sirens on Spanish seas
Know you're in charge, you're an angel at large
I'm cautiously watching the tide


Plotting under cover of stars
We're spies in the cold while there's warmth in the bars
You silence my speech with a kiss on my cheek
This troublesome beach sees the best and the worst of us

Stroking your hair as I'm feeling brave
There's boats on horizons and surfers and tidal waves
But I preach that you're out of my reach
On this sparkling beach of ours
(I got carried away by our getaway)

Lay down beside me, let’s kill some time
I'm beside myself too and I don't know why
This sparkling beach sees the best and the worst of us
Track Name: Set Sail
I said I might set sail, said I might set sail for good
(Soldier to sea, bold in belief)
I said I might set sail, said I might set sail for good
Let the seas unveil, a kingdom born unto wood

And you call from the docks, sullen I wave but I must slip away
Store one last glance, it's my anchor
As I drift out of sight, follow the gaze of the heavenly lights
It's all we could seek or ask for

I said I might set sail, said I might set sail for good
Let the seas unveil, a kingdom born unto wood
Track Name: Evergreen
I turn the smog into mountain mist
And watch the streetlights turn to forest
This place seems different in the dark,
Somehow warmer, somehow more than this

My shadow is no longer
The rain is getting stronger
But I walk down these empty roads
Where cars don’t pass and nothing goes on

I turn the concrete into clay
And watch a river shimmer on the motorway
Every car’s a paper crane
Floating on the acid rain, like a spark

My shadow is no longer
The rain is getting stronger
But I walk down these empty roads
Where cars don’t pass and nothing goes on

Silence fills the in between,
Where the world is heard and all is seen
And evergreen
Track Name: Salamander
I live among angels, and they around me
Caught in the crossfire, the youngest of three

I’m an adult, darling, please treat me as such
This house is an avalanche, we’re all losing touch

So I’m going off for a while
Away to the city
Armed with a scowl or a smile
But pretty unprepared

Spare me our queries and candlelit theories
Spare me your tears and your leading looks
Childhood is selfish and I’m still too scared
You raised me by the book, now I’m unprepared
Yes I’m unprepared

The tears are a camouflage, I thrive in the rain
Ambition has driven me, both up and insane

So I’m coming home for a while
Away from the city
Armed with a scowl or smile
But pretty unprepared